When creating Vestigium studio, I envisioned it not only as a place where I could show my clothes but as a platform where I could express myself.

I understood the collection “Roots and dust” as an exercise of connexion with myself, my surroundings and the Earth, wanting also that it could be a mirror for different stories of profound connexion that go further than the original idea for it. For that reason, I created this project unifying two of my best friends hair with a ponytail and passing it through the hoodies, as a performance that could visualize this search.

This photoshoot is my little tribute to the photography composition done by Marina Abramović and Ulay in which it is intended to express how the union between souls evolves progressively, just like my personal and almost transcendental bond with my friends.

Pictures taken by Panamá Díaz. Models: Nuria Fernández and Elena Castro.